Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Scène de Paris (1833)

Philippe-Auguste Jeanron: Scène de Paris

In Scene in Paris, children dominate the composition. Two boys and a girl surround a poor wretch, presumably their father. Two of them have closed eyes , but unlike the "little patriot" they were not asleep, late at night, the sleep of the just. Without roof for shelter, they sleep in the daytime, leaning against the stone parapet along the Seine. The tricolor on the hat, the dressing that exceeds the cap ... everything reminds us that the man was one of the rioters of July 1830. But if the bourgeois of 1830 do not appear on the barricades alongside the humble, those of 1833 boldly despise the poor who fought for them. A wealthy couple walks away without looking for this needy family. [L'Histoire par L'Image]

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