Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ambulance Tending Wounded French Troops, 1792 (1835)

Hippolyte Lecomte: Ambulance Tending Wounded French Troops, 1792 (detail)

The depicted scene dates from the early period of the French Revolutionary Wars, in particular, the Campaigns of 1792. During this year the French fought against Austrians, Prussians and other allied powers. The main points of Franco-Austrian conflict were Siege of Lille and the Battle of Jemappes near Mons (in modern Belgium) on 6th November 1792. A village inn building typical for Belgian architecture is on the right, Flemish-looking locals, army officers autumnally dressed in "redingotes" by the column and, before all the same landscape in the background - all these hints allow us to maintain that we are dealing here exactly with this event. The painting shows a square of a small village not far from Jemappes adapted to serve as a French combat support hospital ("Ambulance") on November 6th 1792. [Boris Wilnitsky Fine Art]

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