Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cabinette de toilette (1888)

Maurice Lobre: Cabinette de toilette de Jacques-Emile Blanche

Maurice Lobre (1862-1951) was a French artist. He was born in Bordeaux and died in Paris. Lobre first gained recognition in the late 19th Century when his work was displayed at the Salon du Champ de Mars. In 1888 he received an honorary mention and a travel grant from the Salon. That summer he traveled to Normandy where he stayed with Jacques-Émile Blanche. By this time, Blanche regularly hosted popular artists. Degas and Whistler were among his most prominent guests. When Europe descended into chaos in the summer of 1914, Maurice Lobre helped depict its atrocities. [Gandalf’s Gallery]

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