Sunday, May 21, 2017

Arriving at the Pardon of Saint Anne (1887)

Alfred Guillou: Arriving at the Pardon of Saint Anne de Fouesnant at Concarneau

In France the term “pardon” is used for religious ceremonies when icons from the church are paraded to celebrate the saint’s day or another important occasion. Usually these involve men carrying heavy icons through the streets but in Brittany apparently it was common to bring the saints in by small boats.

Translating the sign posted by the painting entitled The Arrival of the Pardon of Sainte-Anne: “The pardon is one of the manifestations of the faith in Brittany. In holiday dress, carrying banners and statues men, women and children return by land and sea [the statue of Saint Anne of Fouesnant] to the sanctuary.” Saint Anne is the patron saint of sailors. The next image is similar. [In My Suitcase]

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