Saturday, March 11, 2017

Portrait of Madame Marie Toulmouche (1884)

Jules Elie Delaunay: Portrait of Madame Marie Toulmouche

Marie Lecadre, daughter of a magistrate of Nantes, seems to possess all the qualities of beauty and intelligence. She married the painter Toulmouche and became, when they stay in their property in the Nantes countryside, the host of a coterie of friends, including the painters Gustave Doré, Puvis, Eugene Picou, Jules-Elie Delaunay himself, and the poet Jose Maria Heredia. We see in the background of the painting the place of these meetings, the Abbey of White Crown.

They talk about art and literature, and she sings and plays music. Numerous art critics enthusiastically commented upon this exhibited portrait at the Salon of 1885 in Paris, then in Nantes next year. It is considered one of the masterpieces of the artist. []

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