Thursday, June 19, 2014

Auguste Raffet - Lithographs

Following up on yesterday's painting by Raffet, here are a bunch of lithographs of his work.

 Combat with Bayonets (1825-29)
 Episode from the Russian Campaign (1836)
 Etat-Major, 1794 (1837)
 Greek church, Bucharest (1839)
 Halt of a Moldovan caravan transporting coal (1844)
 Musicians of the 2nd regiment, Bucharest (1837)
 Post Horses, Bessarabia, Moldavia (1839)
 Post Horses, Bessarabia, Moldavia (1840)
 Public assembly, Bucharest (1839)
 Shepherd of Banat (1838)
 The Temptation (ca. 1833)
 Three Holy Hierarchs Monastery (1840)
View of Jassy, taken from the Balcony of the Hotel in St. Petersburg, Moldavia (1840)

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